Aegon Be Safe

Insure your family's financial future with Aegon Be Sure!

What is Aegon Be Safe?

It is a product that covers the real needs of any family. Whether you have in mind a long-desired vacation, your children's education or a life free of worries after retirement, Aegon Be Safe offers you the chance to achieve your long-term objectives.

What does Aegon Be Safe provide?

Flexibility – the product can be adjusted during the contract period, as your needs and financial possibilities change:

  • you can deposit extra money at any time during the contract period;
  • Starting from the 4th year, you can withdraw money whenever you need it;
  • you can increase the value of the investment premium and you can change the amount insured during the contract;
  • you set the premium payment frequency;
  • you can add or remove additional options and clauses during the contract period, depending on your needs at a specific time;
  • upon termination of the contract, you cand choose from seven capital withdrawal alternatives.

Customisation - Banca Transilvania and Aegon can tailor financial solutions to each individual client's requirements. In this way, you obtain a customised financial solution created especially for you.

Transparency, safety and comfort:

  • Check the balance on your account at any moment;
  • Tax free while saving, when you get your insurance indemnity or when you withdraw your money;
  • Direct debit option available;
  • The product is available in two levels, and easy to customise depending on your needs:

Basic packages

   The insured amount in case of death Monthly premium Contract period
Basic 10.000 RON 90 RON 18 years minimum
Premium 20.000 RON 125 RON 15 years minimum

*It also includes waiver of premium in case of 1st degree disability/

 Health riders

 Premium (RON)  Insured Benefits

 Co-Insured Minor Benefits

monthly annual

 Hopsitalization by accident

Convalescence by accident

 Hospitalization by accident

Surgeries by accident 
10 120 30 RON/day

30 RON/day

30 RON/day 

 3000 RON
20 240 60 RON/day  60 RON/day  60 RON/day  6000 RON

Where can you find Aegon Be Safe?

Aegon Be Safe is available exclusively through the Banca Transilvania agency network. Check the column on the right to find your nearest branch and they will help you to customise the product according to your own needs.

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