• Aegon is all about common sense

Aegon is all about common sense

Day by day, we want to offer you the advice you need and we always ensure that you accomplished your mission.

Therefore, we respect a few simple principles that help us to provide our customers a better tomorrow.

We are willing. We respect the customer and we respect ourselves.

Being respectful must be an authentic and natural behavior. Because we are humans, we may find ourselves in the same situation like our customers. We behave as we expect others to behave. We respect ourselves. We are always trying to do the best we can. In the end, this leads to a win-win situation for our customers and for Aegon.

We are professionals. We listen carefully, we understand and identify the solutions in real time.

Many of us have or will have contact with customers. They may not be always happy or positive. In this domain, we come in contact with people often nervous or distressed. Then we try to remember that we are all humans and we can all have a bad day. It is normal to be upset or sympathize with our clients or colleagues, but our actions must never be governed by feelings. We answer to our clients needs not to our clients feelings.

We are practical. We promise less and give more, never vice versa.

We are not perfect, sometimes we are dealing with time constraints, data access, human resources etc. We are not promising something that we are not sure we can deliver. Instead of saying that we will return with a solution within 24 hours, we prefer to say that we will call in 24 hours and we will provide the client an update of the situation. We always demonstrate commitment.

We are trying to be role models.

Aegon business in Romania is growing faster than we expected. Any transformation brings new colleagues, tasks and new rules. We are all equally responsible for the company's results and therefore we have a responsibility to invite all colleagues to rise to the same standards. If the company grows, it doesn't mean that the standards get lower. It means, in fact, that the standards also grow as we become more and more experienced.

We create a positive experience. Whether we can or not to solve the problem, we always try to create a positive memory.

In our industry, the most powerful tool is the the recommendation. We all know that a satisfied customer will spread the word to another person. Also, an unhappy one will make sure that he speaks with other 10 people about his experience. So, it is vital to create a positive experience. We may not always be able to solve our customer's problems, but the way we act is the final measure of our culture.